The Sanctuary Chiropractic
and Wellness Spa


REIKI Therapy


Judy Law

Holy Fire I I I Reiki & EFT/TFT certified practitioner, with over 20 years in the healing arena.

The Short Explanation:

Reiki is a Japanese technique that works with energy to assist with healing and complications from ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia & chronic pain to name a few. 

EFT/TFT both involve tapping on specific points or meridians on the body while focusing on a specific problem or issues; for example anxiety, chronic pain, depression and phobias. 

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Private appointments can be scheduled throughout the week, except for Sunday's. 

To schedule your Reiki appointment please contact Judy

directly on her cell phone at 248-508-6005. 


Thank you for your trust and patronage!