The Sanctuary Chiropractic
and Wellness Spa


"Comet" & "Orion"

 While not a veterinarian, Dr. Pat IS a huge animal lover. This is especially true of dogs.

Being an advocate of our four-legged friends and having had dogs that have never had any ailments beyond those common to very old age, Dr. Pat  talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to wellness & nutrition for dogs and humans alike.

If you are searching for alternative health care idea's and would like any free, time-tested advice (both of his dogs above lived to 16+years of age WITHOUT ANY SURGERIES OR MEDICATIONS OF ANY KIND) then feel free to drop Dr. Pat a line anytime.

Dr. Pat charges no fee for conversations about our furry friends. 734-421-7100 or


**Please consult your local veterinarian too, as they likely will have great options as well**