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We now offer Ultrasound Therapy!

How does therapeutic ultrasound work?

Ultrasound refers to high frequency sound waves which are used to penetrate deep into the tissue, up to 5cm, and create a vibration in the cells. These high frequency sound waves affect tissue on the cellular level, energizing the tissues causing them to vibrate. Furthermore, it may enhance the nutrient absorption rate and blood flow in the area. This increases the blood circulation to the area which in turn reduces pain and assists in the healing of damaged cells.


Ultrasound does four things extremely well:

  • Increases blood flow into the treated area (accelerates healing, removes toxins)

  • Produces a pain killing effect, reducing muscle spasm and promote normal function

  • Softens fibrous tissue / scar tissue, increasing flexibility and reducing chance of recurring muscle / tendon pull

  • Gently massages muscle and tendon tissue, increasing range of motion and lengthening atrophied muscle

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