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A Miraculous GIFT for yourself or your loved ones! Gift certificates available! Come try out our new INFRARED SAUNA! Sessions start at ONLY $10!!!! AMAZING below please :)

Why should YOU consider this treatment?
Each day we are exposed to a continuous amount of chemicals and toxins in the environment. These toxins can be deposited in adipose tissue, organ cells and eventually be associated with chronic degenerative health conditions. Disease and Wellness are at opposite ends of a health spectrum with most people falling somewhere in between.

One of the most ideal ways to achieve Health is through regular detoxification. The body’s innate ability to perspire is its way to self regulate and clean. When this mechanism is hindered or we don’t exercise sufficiently toxins are stored in our bodies.

There are many benefits from using the Infrared Sauna which are all linked to allowing the body to detoxify and thus promoting all organ systems. Many environmental chemicals are lipophilic , meaning they are attracted to fat and so we store them in our fat cells. The skin accesses these fat stores through sweating and thus perspiration allows these toxic by products to be released from our bodies.

What is it?
We are excited to introduce the latest in biotechnology for Wellness ... The Far Infrared Sauna. The benefit is that it is a safe form of radiant heat at lower temperatures ( 130 degrees F) than conventional dry or wet saunas (200 degrees F). This allows the impact to be deeper into the tissues thereby releasing 15-20% more toxins- principally cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins ( ie herbicides and pesticides), heavy metals ( ie mercury and aluminum), sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid. This unusually high concentration of heavy metals and other fat soluble toxins is not found in sweat from normal exercise. Mercury is the most toxic element on earth, second only to plutonium and is found in mercury dental fillings and vaccinations.

Why is sweating good for you?
Toxins we accumulate from everyday life are stored in our fat cells. Whatever your body can’t easily eliminate via the liver or the kidneys, it sends off to the fat cells for future elimination via sweat. But since we live sedentary lives and live in a mostly cool climate and spend our summers in air conditioned rooms, we just don’t sweat enough. And since we live in a time of unprecedented chemical exposure, from air, water, and food, we need to assist our toxic elimination via sweating. It’s been proven in studies at the Mayo Clinic. The proof is with the hardest cases, like American soldiers exposed to Agent Orange who removed 97% of dioxins from their bodies by sweating for 6 weeks. That’s after carrying it for 20 years!

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!! Asthma sufferers, both old and young have had INCREDIBLE results using the Infrared Sauna! People that have used inhalers EVERY DAY for 10 years, now only use their inhalers 3 or 4 times PER YEAR after about 2 months of treatments!(don't take my word for it...look it up, google your research!)  My own 9 year old, Patrick, has had to use breathing treatments and inhalers EVERY day and night at home and at school for 2 years now..from 1 to 3 treatments EVERY DAY! So far I have had Patrick use the Infrared Sauna only about 6 times now, and he has only needed his inhaler ONCE in 15 days! Miraculous!!!

It also helps with blood pressure, weight loss, skin complexion, pain management and MANY other great benefits!

Just let us know how we at The Sanctuary Chiropractic and Wellness Spa in Livonia, MI, can help you and your family achieve and maintain Amazing Health! :)