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This 3 month workshop is for Doctors of Chiropractic, especially for the new graduates or those who are just starting out in practice.

You have completed all the undergraduate and graduate work, finished all your clinical competencies, learned how to adjust, and are ready to open your business. But unless you have had a mentor, or grew up in a family with a business, there are countless habits, subtleties, methods, actions and mind-sets that you haven't learned, that will limit the amount of success, safety, and enjoyment you can experience within your practice!

Using Dr. Pat's 30+ years of chiropractic experience, you the doctor, will learn all the essential strategies about being a successful & balanced holistic health care provider, that you didn't learn in school.

This class can be attended in person, or via zoom on a weekly basis, over the 3 month curriculum. 

Our Practice Success Class will focus on your own strengths and weaknesses, changes in personal habits, changes in professional habits, learning by doing, and even positive changes to your diet, fitness, and spiritual routines.

Each one-on-one teaching session with Dr. Pat will be for 1 hour every week. There will also be question and answer sessions, follow -up emails & texts, review & accountability journals, shadowing within Dr. Pat's clinic each week, and phone conversations as needed, all over the 12 week period.


The one time cost for this class is $3,500 pre-paid.

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Please note: This practice success class does not qualify as chiropractic CE's (continued education requirements) within Michigan, or anywhere within the United States.