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But don't take our word for it, here's what Dr. Pat's patient's have to say:


Letters of Endorsement & Recommendation



When I began my treatments with Dr. Pat I had lots of pain in my left leg and back. It is now much better and I am able to rest much better at night.”

Dorothy K., Age 80, Retiree



To Whom It May Concern:

I have been seeing Dr. Patrick Jary for three months now and I am very pleased that I chose his chiropractic clinic. In my occupation it is very hard to keep appointments. His hours are flexible which allows me to schedule appointments when I am available. The most important characteristic of Dr. Jary is his compassion in his work. He is always positive and genuinely concerned about his patients. He is also very thorough in explaining what he is doing and why. I feel I made the right choice by going to Dr. Jary.”

 Jonathan E. S., Age 27, Special Agent, United States Secret Service



“If you are still in pain, you haven't met Dr. Patrick Jary yet. This fine young doctor knows the body inside and out. His extensive medical training and hands on experience in his private practice make him second to none in his field. My family and I have bee treated for numerous ailments from migraines and carpal tunnel numbness to shoulder and back pain, and we have all found true relief.”

Audrey L., Age 52, School Teacher



“I have known Dr. Patrick F. Jary as a close friend for many years. He and I attended our respective professional schools at about the same time and we have developed our practices concomitantly as well, he in the field of Chiropractic and I in the field of Psychiatry. I am very glad and honored to write this brief character reference for him. I know of few professionals who perform their duties with greater vigor or devotion than my friend Dr. Pat does. He truly dedicates himself to the service of his patients in a manner that is fitting of the true professional; a manner that is sorely lacking in far too many today who like to call themselves professionals but who fall short of the mark. In this respect the seriousness with which Dr. Pat conducts himself as a Chiropractor, tempered by his remarkable wit and easy demeanor, distinguish him. I have known Dr. Pat to be someone capable of working tirelessly in pursuit of his personal and professional goals. What is most remarkable, however, is that he has done so while maintaining a balance in his life that has, to those of us who have known him through the decades, kept him from being harried by the demands of a busy professional schedule. For these reasons I would not hesitate to refer patients of my own to him. I know that in Dr. Pat's hands my patients would be made to feel at ease, would receive the highest quality care and, perhaps most significantly, they would begin to form a lasting and positive doctor-patient relationship with him.”

Duane D., M.D., Age 33, Psychiatrist


“Before seeing Dr. Pat, headaches were a part of my daily life. Moving my head from side to side or back and forth was painful. I can now move with ease and my headaches are few and far between. Should I get a headache now, the pain is minimal compared to what it used to be. I also had trouble just getting up in the morning. My back was stiff and bending over was something I had to think about doing before actually doing it. After chiroractic care the difference is remarkable. I also feel a renewed sense of energy after every visit to Dr. Pat.”

 Patricia D., Age 38, Housewife and Mother of two



“I am a construction contractor and my worst fear happened about a year and half ago, when my back went out. Talk about pain! I was referred to Dr. Jary by a friend of mine. My lower back was in constant pain, as was my left leg. Dr. Jary relieved about 60% of my pain within the first three days, and I am now back to doing everything I used to do.”

Otto I., Age 26, Construction Contractor


“Each member of my family has enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic treatment at the skilled hands of Dr. Patrick Jary. Specifically, treatment has given us relief from migraine headaches and lower back pain. Dr. Jary's commitment to a holistic approach toward healing and health is clearly evident in discussions with him about our family's health care. His explanations to our questions are straightforward and put in terms that we can easily understand. During these discussions I am always impressed with the knowledge Dr. Jary has of the workings of the human body. His genuine interest in and enthusiasm for his work always shine through. Just as important to us, however, is the warmth and friendliness that Dr. Jary displays as he treats us. His easy smile and gentleness (both in spirit and treatment) make him a very caring and humane doctor and are further evident of his belief in treating the whole person. These personality traits, we believe, enhance the doctor-patient relationship. We also enjoy the wonderful enthusiasm for life in general that Dr. Jary shows during our conversations with him. We highly recommend Dr. Patrick Jary as a qualtiy health care provider.”

Ruth & Michael H., Ages 48 & 49, Linguistics Teacher & Grocery Store Manager



“To Whom It May Concern:

 I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank Dr. Patrick Jary. I have been seeing Dr. Jary for several months and have made great improvements. His confidence and passion in this work is evident in the care received by his patients. He creates an environment in which his patient feels comfortable and welcome. He goes out of his way to ensure proper treatment. He truly cares if the treatment his patients are receiving is working and educates us on what he is doing and why. He does not make demands of his patients but kindly offers advice to assist a speedy revovery. I would most certainly make a recommendation to anyone to go to his clinic in the need of chirpractic care.

Sherrie S., Age 26, Radiologic Technologist & Elementary Education Teacher



“Before I started seeing Dr. Pat I had an almost constant headache as well as frequent back pain. Since coming under the care of Dr. Pat I have had a dramatic reduction of pain. I would highly recommend him to others who are in pain or those who have health problems.

Father Jeffrey D., Age 28, Catholic Priest, Divine Child Parish


“When I stared seeing Dr. Pat I lived in pain, now the pain has gone and my life is much better. I think the main reason for this is that Dr. Pat is a very caring doctor, and he has my highest regards. My children, ages five and seven, also have used his care to help them grow straight and strong. If you care about how you feel, see Dr. Pat, he will make you feel great, as he has me.”

Robert L. K, Age 56, Financial Analyst



Since seeing Dr. Pat I have had fewer headaches and no low back pain at all. In fact, I used to have a limp and now the limp is gone.”

Jeff E., Age 43, Engineer


“In 1975, at the age of fourteen, I was diagnosed with a very severe case of Scoliosis. It had gone unnoticed until I had a significant growth spurt, and at that point the only option given to my parents was surgery. They proceeded with the surgery and were not able to completely straighten my spine, but there was improvement. Now at the age of 41 I have had three surgeries and still suffer from chronic back pain. As years have gone by children are now regularly checked for scoliosis in schools and by pediatricians before the age of puberty. A few years ago I took my seven year old daughter in for her regular yearly physical. Her pediatrician was aware of my history and for the first time perfomed a scoliosis examination on my child. To his amazement and my horror her spine was clearly curving. My spine was most likely curving at that age as well but went unnoticed. Our pediatrician suggested I take her to a specialist. We then went to Beaumont Hospital to see the children's scoliosis doctors. My own doctor is chief of staff of orthopedic surgery at Beaumont. They did a series of x-rays and scheduled a test to be done involving needles, dye and radiation. After putting my child through all that the only thing they could tell me was that her spine has a ten degree curve. They informed me that there really was no preventative treatment, only to bring her back for yearly x-rays. They said when her curve reached twenty degrees they would put her in a brace to try to slow the spine from curving. If the spine kept curving they would do surgery when it reached forty degrees. More than twenty years had gone by since the onset of my own condition, and they still only had the same procedures and options that were presented to my parents. I was not going to stand by and watch my precious daughter's back curve and then go through what I myself had experienced many years ago. I then began searching for other options. Someone suggested a chiropractor. My parents were told by my surgeon never to take me to a chiropractor, and I therefore grew up believing they would do me harm. But I decided to take a chance. My daughter's teacher's husband was a chiropractor, so we made an appointment to see Dr. Patrick Jary. He examined her and took x-rays and showed me how her one leg was longer than the other and one shoulder higher that the other as well. She was also suffering from year round allergies and stomach problems, which she took prescription medication for every day. Dr. Pat assured me that she was young enough and not so severly curved, that with regular adjustments, he could straighten her spine. I was willing to try anything at that point. I brought her in for over a year and Dr. Pat recently took follow-up x-rays and showed us how her spine has straightened, which in turn has made her legs and shoulders balance as well. She is also off all medication for allergies and stomach problems now. I myself have also started having adjustments to my spine by Dr. Pat, and although my spine will never be straight I have less pain and am able to lead a more active and enjoyable lifestyle. I am so thankful that I was open minded enough to search for other options for my child and have prevented her from going through spinal surgery. I only wish all those other parents I saw sitting in the waiting room at Beaumont knew what I know now. There is hope. There is an alternative. Thank you Dr. Pat!!!”

Tracey V. Age 41, Professional Interior Artist



Being a very skeptical individual about chiropractic medicine in general, I hesitantly went to see Dr. Pat when I started having back problems. My brother encouraged me to visit your office as he had obtained relief there a s well. I am now much better, and I can truly say Dr. Pat, that you and your staff have made a believer out of me.”

Tom M., Age 40, Estimator/Project Manager


“I work at a desk nine hours a day at a high stress job. I used to get frequent migraine headaches and was put on several different medications for those headaches. I often got tense in the shoulder and neck area. Since I've been seeing Dr. Patrick Jary the headaches have become fewer and fewer, and the adjustments have helped the tension in my shoulder and neck areas as well.”

Cathy S., Age 39, Escrow Officer


“To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to go on record in recommending Dr. Patrick Jary as a chiropractor. He has three exceptional qualities. He is an excellent physician and an expert in his profession. He is an empathetic and concerned person who never rushes his patients and takes a sincere interest in their welfare. He also has compassion for them and makes chiropractic treatment affordable for the less fortunate. As a sixty-nine year old widow who has recently moved down state from northern Michigan, I am fortunate that Dr. Jary was recommended to me. I am delighted to pass that recommendation along.”

Lois G. B., Age 69, Retired Educator


“Well, I used to have headaches all the time so I was eating a lot of Motrin. After meeting Dr. Pat I don't have to use anything for pain anymore. I also sleep better now as I used to have back and neck pain that kept me awake, but that pain is now gone. I used to run to the doctor for every little ache and pain, but don't need to anymore. The great thing now is that I don't have to take any unneccesary drugs.”

Angela E., Age 43, Mother & Homemaker


“My health has greatly improved since I began my adjustments with Dr. Pat. My primary concern was tingling in my arms and legs. That was all taken care of by my second visit. I also no longer get regular headaches either. Immediately after getting adjusted I feel energized and relaxed. I believe anyone's health could be improved by regulars visits to the chiropractor.”

Danielle H., age 19, Secretary


“To whom it may concern:

 It is with extreme pleasure that I recommend to you Dr. Patrick F. Jary. I have been a patient of his for almost a year and find Dr. Pat to be the finest chiropractor I have ever known. Due to a severe automobile accident in 1970, I have had to rely on chiropractic care or face dangerous surgery. As a result, I have seen many different chiropractors throughout the years. Dr. Pat has consistently proven his excellent abilities, not only in alleviating my severe pain, but also by his sincerity and consideration of my needs. He has often made made himself available to me above and beyond the call of duty. For example, recently I was again involved in an auto accident and Dr. Pat came into his office during his day off to personally take x-rays of my spine and examine me. He has even called my home just to personally check on my condition: sadly, a lost practice, but a welcome and much appreciated one. Dr. Pat has an extraordinary understanding of human anatomy and explains in depth the “why and what for” in a comprehensible manner. Unlike the doctors from my past who had always told me what I couldn't do, Dr. Pat encourages me to do what I can and advises me on how to correctly achieve my goals without further harming or exacerbating my already painful condition. Today I workout five times a week and next month start weight lifting with a trainer. Before I met Dr. Pat I lived in constant fear of hurting myself because I didn't understand my condition. I thought my pain was an unavoidable condition that came with age and I just had to live with it. Not any more and I have only Dr. Pat to thank for giving my life back to me. I may be looking into the face of fifty, but I feel as fit as a twenty five year old! Dr. Patrick Jary is an honorable, intelligent, and caring person who has chosen to be a professional healer and the proof of his success is seen throughout his office. I always leave with a smile on my face and look forward to returning. It is with my utmost respect and thanks that I recommend Dr. Pat. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

Elann L. M. Age 49, Teacher


“To Whom It May Concern:

Dr. Patrick Jary was referred to me by a friend and has been my chiropractor for the past three years. During that time, I have found him to be very proficient, caring and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends.”

Rosalyn K., Age 83, retiree


“To whom it may concern:

I am currently seeing Dr. Pat on a preventative basis for my back. I had been experiencing mild back pain on and off for years. Then I had a major problem where I was unable to walk and had to be carried along by my brother-in-law and my wife for several days. Even rolling over in bed was a major task. After an Emergency room visit and the usual pain pills and muscle relaxers, which were just covering the problem up, I thought I had done permanent damage to my back with possible surgery in my future. I then called Dr. Pat and he saw me immediately. After x-rays and an exam he assured me there was no permanent damage. He showed me my problem and started correcting and aligning my spinal posture. I have a very physical job in the iron business, but now am able to walk again and function with no pain, and have no reoccurring problems under Dr. Pat's care

Ted D., Age 39, Iron Worker


“To whom it may concern:

 I was never a big advocate of chiropractic medicine. Not until recently that is. Now I have become a confirmed patient. I had a painful problem with my back. I went to the medical doctor many times with no relief. A friend strongly suggested Dr. Pat Jary. Although still apprehensive, I made an appointment. After just a few visits the pain had subsided tremendously, and I as I continued with my appointments the pain disappeared altogether. I also had a condition in my shoulder that medical doctors diagnosed as a rotary cuff problem. It prevented me from lifting objects over my head and the pain stopped me from golfing. Until I became a patient of Dr. Jary's my only recourse seemed to be surgery, with no guarantee that it would be 100% repaired. Now, after treatment from Dr. Pat I am again playing on my golf league. The first time in three years. I am extremely happy with the work of Dr. Pat and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family members. Sincerely,”

Clayton C., Age 74, Retiree


“Dear Dr. Pat, I really enjoyed our conversations, friendship and most of all your professional ability to realign my spine. Best wishes to you and yours. Sincerely,”

Cathy C., Age 33, Mother/Hairstylist


“Because of my occupation, which is quite physical, my lower back was pretty much abused from years of constant lifting and bending. After my first visit, Dr. Pat informed my of my spinal irregularities. Since I have been seeing Dr. Pat I have already noticed a considerable improvement in my lower back strength, as well as my posture. But best of all, there is no longer any pain!”

Brett L., Age 39, Truck Driver


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