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 Unfortunately doctor house calls have truly become very rare in today's busy world. Most doctors have let that common-sense courtesy die, along with the “good old days”, when “service” really meant something.

Doesn't it make sense to have the healthy chiropractic doctor travel to visit the ill or injured patient? Many people have expressed great interest in this service so that you can be taken care of in the evenings or on the weekends, during an emergency, or simply when you need a convenient time within your busy schedule.

Helping patients receive care in the unhurried, familiar atmosphere of their home, nursing home/assisted living (or office or hotel) can be very beneficial if they: ~ Don't have time to make the trip. ~ Have work/school schedule conflicts. ~Are unable to drive due to injury/illness or lack of transportation. ~ Don't want to spend $ on gas. ~Have disability challenges. ~Do not want to venture out in bad weather.  ~Work during normal business hours. ~ Are stay-at-home parents. ~Want a unique & great gift (gift certificates) for their family or friends.


Included in the House Call is not only the luxury of a board certified doctor delivering a gentle & effective chiropractic adjustment, but also a digital thermal scan can be done if necessary, as well as any adjunctive adjustive procedures. The House Call is a flat fee per patient, which covers all expenses including travel, adjustments, scans, and administrative duties. If desired, professional house call massage therapy can also be scheduled for the same visit at a rate of $80 per hour.


Dr. Pat and his staff combine the old values of personalized, compassionate health care with modern treatments and technologies. Our portable tables, diagnostic equipment and computers make it possible for us to be mobile and come to your home or office and deliver safe, effective and affordable care wherever and whenever you need it most.


Appointments are usually available 7 days a week from 9am until 9pm. We reserve the right to decline some house calls based on distance, our office hours, or other extenuating circumstances. The house call fee is not covered by any other plan, promotion or package. All payments are due on or before the date of house call service and will be collected before service is performed. As per our normal policies, if insurance is to be used, we can send in your paid service receipt to your insurance company on your behalf so that your insurance company can then reimburse you your allowed amount. Any cancellations must be made a minimum of 12 hours before the scheduled appointment. If the cancellation is not made according to these terms, a $25 "no-show" fee will be collected.




To take advantage of this convenient approach to patient care, just call us today at 734-421-7100 or 248-719-6941. Or email us at



 We look forward to seeing you soon!


House call visit for existing patients: $70

  House call visit for new patients: $70 + exam fee of $120