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~ Energy Healing ~


Energy healing has many different names - Reiki therapy, Aura therapy, or Spiritual healing - but the results and objectives are the same: balancing the energies in and around your body, to allow healing to occur much more rapidly spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Everything in the world is made of energy. And as we go through life we pick-up or "absorb" energies from people, places, events and circumstances. These energies can be good, or these energies may be bad. Bad energy will have different effects on different people, depending on the intensity and duration of the energy you are exposed to, and is tempered by the strength and resilience of your general constitution, your own energy signature, and your immune system. When there is too much accumulated bad energy, it can, and often does, cause illnesses to manifest in countless ways.

Dr. Pat has used Energy Healing for over 20 years with a successful history for both humans and animals. We will gently and comfortably improve your energy "blueprint", which will ultimately bury the negative energies, causing them to eventually dissipate altogether. Energy Healing is often a desperate and last resort for people who have tried everything else to unsuccessfully fix the root of their spiritual, mental, emotional or physical problems. Energy Healing often works well not just for a crisis situation, but also for maintaining a consistent & healthy equilibrium from year to year.

A typical session may last up to an hour, with the patient resting comfortably on a massage bed, fully clothed. The patient will be draped with a soft pressure blanket, with low ambient room light, soothing white noise, and a gentle breeze circulating the air within the room. Dr. Pat will lead the patient through vocal and visual therapy, while allowing his hands to hover over, or to lightly contact, the area's being treated.

Energy Healing has been used for thousands of years, and has been tested, validated and proven, for over 50 years by scientific researchers in hospitals, universities and institutes around the world.

Before you make your appointment, we encourage you to do your own research and look into : Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Super-Positioning, Quantum Tunneling, Double Slit Experiments, Energy Healing, Reiki Therapy, Aura Healing, and Holographic Universe Theory.

$500 per session. By appointment only.

This therapy is not only for humans - it can help your hurting pets too!

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