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An easy and painless way to improve your health in many areas.


Our Ionic Detox program can: 1. Encourage healthy weight loss, by promoting better metabolism. 2. Improve energy. 3. Remove years of toxins. 4. Help the appearance of your skin. 5. Improve overall health and reduce pain and inflammation.



Using our detoxification program can also offer the benefits of improving memory, less bloating and fluid retention, pain relief, improving bladder control, headache relief, a stronger immune system, less painful arthritis, a more balanced pH, and also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Stage One: Detoxification begins. The session begins with laying your feet into a warm and relaxing pink Himalayan salt bath.


Stage 2: Toxins begin to exit the pores of your feet, and also through the normal channels of urination and bowel movements. As toxins are released, the water changes color and texture. As a side note, the water color would change slightly, even without your feet being in it at all. This is normal because when an electric current is run through water it will separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, and it will react with the normal chemistry of tap water.


Stage 3: Detoxification continues for 30 minutes. After which your feet are rinsed with fresh water and dried before you leave the chair.


In brief, each session allows negative ions to enter your body through the foot bath and "loosen" years of build up of pesticides, heavy metals, drugs, solvents, and other hazardous chemicals from your body tissues. They are then excreted through the pores of your feet and through your urination and bowel movements. Please note- you MUST drink adequate amounts of water to make this as effective as possible.


Ask our doctor if single or multiple sessions are best for your health needs.

Initial Exam (one time only): $75

Single Session: $65

4 Sessions discount: $220  ($55 per)

8 Sessions discount: $360  ($45 per)

16 Sessions discount: $560  ($35 per)

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