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 Dr. Pat prides himself on practicing what he preaches and has worked hard for decades to keep himself healthy in mind, body and spirit. The doctor grew up and attended parochial schools through 12th grade in Dearborn & Dearborn Heights, Michigan. He was schooled in 3 colleges while praying nightly and meditating regularly. He achieved "The Dean's List" honor while becoming a doctor and has been practicing healthy fitness habits since he was a teenager. 

Dr. Pat is just like many Americans too: he came from a good family, has been married, is a father of 4 great kids, attends church weekly, is a businessman/entrepreneur, loves dogs, enjoys celebrating the holidays and consistently instills good morals and values with his own children. He also constantly strives for self-improvement through books, CD's, DVD's and discussion groups. If he doesn't have the answer you are looking for, Dr. Pat will find the answer for you or refer you to someone who does. Dr. Pat was also named one of "America's Top Chiropractors" by the Consumers' Research Council of America, was chosen as a TOP DOCTOR by Hour Magazine, voted best chiropractor in Livonia, and was also on the advisory board for The Stautzenberger Institute.

 Dr. Pat takes care of himself because he genuinely respects the miracle that every human is. His personal view is that he cannot serve others well if he is not at his absolute best himself.  In his eyes everyone is on a level playing field, all deserving of equal respect, attention and care. Dr. Pat always makes time to listen to his patients with their questions and concerns, and treats each person as if they were his only patient that day.

Please consider giving us a call today to allow us the honor of serving you with the love and the excellent clinical care that you deserve. 734 -421-7100 or email us at . Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you!