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Needing a little help?

Ruth Hayes, a registered psychotherapist, offers her professional services that can help if you are suffering from, but not limited to, such symptoms as depression, anxiety, anger, panic attacks or self-esteem concerns.

- Undergraduate studies in education at The University of Michigan.

- Masters degree in Education from Eastern Michigan.

- Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Madonna University.

Licensed by the State of Michigan Dept. of Community Health to provide psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults, conduct diagnostic psychological testing for children and adults, and offer parental guidance when working with children.

  • Ruth's psychotherapeutic process allows for sifting through buried emotions and experiences from the past, unearthing them, and then examining them to understand how they are still alive in the present and influencing the way we behave. Ruth is also Dr. Pat's older (and wiser) sister, and cannot come more highly recommended.

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