The Sanctuary Chiropractic
and Wellness Spa


Tanning &

Light Therapy!

Enjoy Vitamin D producing UVB, Infrared, Red and Blue Light with our state of the art specialized tanning bed! It's also great for beating the winter blues and those affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder!


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that can make a huge difference for your heart health, bones, skin, immunity and even your mood. It's so important, that your body produces it naturally when sunlight comes in contact with your skin. But without enough outdoor sun exposure, it is hard to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D all year round.


Our light bed is among the newest of it's kind using only hi-tech and approved bulbs and ballasts, unlike most of those found in corner tanning salons.


Price range :

$12 per single session,

  $59 for a month unlimited , 

and $147 for a 3 month package (Save $30!)